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Contact Lenses Fitting – Vision Power Meant To Fit Your Eyes

BenNissan Eye offers the best of eye-care products and services for you to treat your eyes with optimum care and comfort. Dr. BenNissan prescribes the patient with effective optical care solutions for weak eye vision. Contact lenses come with various perks and if you choose to wear high quality contact lenses with right guidance, BenNissan Eye clinic is the right place for you. Nonetheless, our eyes come in different sizes and contact lens of one eye may not fit the other one due to difference lens size. Contact lenses may cause discomfort and damage to your eyes if its curvature is too steep or too flat for your lens.

Our expert optometrist measures the correct size of your eyes shape and curvature to prescribe contact lenses with right size of curvature and diameter that fits your lenses perfectly. Our experts efficiently use the right procedure and methods that ensures precise fittings for your lenses. You may be required to visit the clinic more than one time to try more than one pair of contact lenses and for follow-up visits ensuring 100% client satisfaction and comfort.

Once you have corrected vision and best fit of contact lenses, you can order your pair at BenNissan Eyes. You usually get your order in one week or even less. Our expert optometrists also give training on how to wear, remove and clean your pair easily. We offer a wide range of specialty lenses of reputable brands in different types such as colored, toric (lenses that correct for astigmatism), and bifocal contacts.