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If you wear your prescription glasses and kind of done with the inconvenience that follows.. are not alone. But there is always a bright side – Contact lenses have proven to be the best alternative one can get. People who considered switching from eyeglasses are found to be experiencing a life changing feeling – According to them , Contact lenses do not get in the way of their life and the most cherished advantage was that they did not have to feel any weight on their nose any more.

Most certainly, BenNissan Eyes after its extensive research declares that Contact lenses do come with a lot of perks. We showcase a wide range of contact lenses created with complete precision and quality in mind to strengthen your vision and beauty. So whenever you are ready to switch, visit BenNissan Eyes, a convenient Eye Clinic North beach Miami, FL, to get your contact Lens eye exam job done right. The expert optometrist Dr. Ben Nissan offers comprehensive eye-care services ranging from full contact lens exam, contact lens fittings, to a full array of contact lens options.

Contact Lenses

Do your prescription glasses always get in the way of… well…life? Have you considered switching from eyeglasses to contact lenses? When you’re ready to make the switch, visit BenNissan Eyes for a contact lens eye exam.

North Miami Beach optometrist Dr. Ben-Nissan offers comprehensive eye care services, including a full contact lens exam, contact lens fittings, and a full array of contact lens options.

Contact Lenses Exam

A contact lens exam helps you identify the right prescription strength of your contact lenses. The test involves necessary measurement of the diameter of your eyes and gauging the surface of eye curvature and other factors that affect the fitting of lenses. The goal is to provide you with maximum comfort, good vision and best fit lenses. You can order yours once all the basic measurements are done (you get them in one week or less). Our wide array of contact lenses also includes colored, toric and bifocal contacts.

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