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Cataract Surgery Pre- & Post-Op Care

Ben-Nissan Eyes has developed its innovative treatment procedure and operations to build a more reliable and precise optical heath system for a better patient care then yesterday. Dr. Ben-Nissan with his skillfull team of optometrist are always on a go to improve the treatment methods and replacing the old one with the revised and updated methods to beat all every possible eye-disorder with perfected care. Cataracts is one of the most common diseases that is most found among adults. It’s a condition which forms a cloudy area in the lens of the eye. And if not treated right, it may increase in size and grow large enough to blur or even decrease vision.

There exist a number of reasons why cataract develops in one’s body and most of them include aging, UV exposure, diabetes, and other eye disease. This common disease causes a considerable decrease in vision forming issue for proper sight in dark. Once it produces a large cloudy are in the eyes, the patient gets impaired vision and the only solution to cataract is surgery. Dr. Ben-Nissan and his skilled team of ophthalmologist in South Florida, ensure accurate and authentic surgical methods to be performed during the pre- and post-op care promising satisfactory results and healthy vision.