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Cosmetic Eye-Care – Beauty Revival

You can now enhance your eyes with the innovative treatments and cosmetic eye care products at BenNissan Eyes. Do you desire to have longer and thicker eyelashes? Thinking of getting a natural sparkle in your eyes? Or how about a new color to revive your beauty? Well now you definitely can with the new and improved cosmetic care treatments offered by our clinic at North Miami Beach, Florida.


You are just one decision away from having longer, fuller and thicker eye lashes. BenNissan Eyes brings forth a prescription treatment that fixes your inadequate lashes. Latisse® actively increases the growth phase of the eyelash cycle. It increases the number of hairs as well as their length during the growth phase and that too in 8 weeks (maximum results at 12-16 weeks).

Colored Contact Lenses

BenNissan Eyes Has a grand stand for the newest and the trendiest shades for contact lenses of various popular brands such as Ciba Vision Freshlook and Air Optix contact lenses, each made with unique and smooth surface that brings out three natural colors in your eyes to produce one.

Beauty Lenses

If you are not really up for the experiment of changing your eye color, but you simple wan to enhance it, we have a good news for you – You can now naturally enhance your eye color with AcuVue’s 1-day Define contact lenses – It enhances your eye color with a natural sparkle, shimmer, or shine.
AcuVue Define comes in three enhancing designs:

  • Natural Sparkle
  • Natural Shimmer
  • Natural Shine

Available as prescription and non-prescription beauty lenses, these are extremely comfortable contacts that you wear for a day and throw away at night.
Want to try them out? We offer trials for our cosmetic lenses.