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LASIK Eye Surgery – Reaching Vision Perfection

BenNissan eyes, a reputable and a renowned name in the field of Eye-care industry, maintain its reputation by serving the best of eye-care and eye-disorder solution since its origin. With its expertise in advanced procedure for eye disorder treatments, Ben-Nissan also excels at giving the best Pre and Post –Op result for LASIK eye Surgery. It is the most common type of surgery that corrects vision disorders such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism but not all are fit for the surgery – Dr. Ben-Nissan tells you if you are a candidate, what to expect, and perform your pre-operative and post-operative care.

Ben-Nissan ensures that the patients are given satisfactory results making use of advanced surgical methods – LASIK Surgery provides you with clearer & sharper vision. Once you’ve had a successful surgery of LASIK you no longer need to wear prescription glasses or contacts again.

LASIK Post-Op Evaluation

At BenNissan Eyes, you get the most authentic and definitive services for LASIK eye surgery. To get your results monitored and tracked we recommend post-surgery follow ups to ensure that your eyes are cured and healing progressively. Also, to discuss any discomfort you may be experiencing. Once you are ready, you can book your appointment for initial post-op evaluation 1 week after your surgery, followed by visits at 1 month and then after 3 months post-op to route your progress.