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Dry Eye Syndrome symptoms and treatment in North Miami Beach

We have many treatments and strategies to help alleviate the annoying symptoms caused by Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). The first step to resolving your discomfort is to figure out the specific cause of your dry eyes. BenNissan Eyes, our optometrists are experienced and highly qualified to evaluate your eyes, uncover the cause and determine the ideal dry eye treatment for your unique situation. We’ll be pleased to consult with you in our offices, situated for your convenience in North Miami Beach, South Florida, Florida.

After we perform your eye exam to diagnose DES, some of the remedies and strategies that we recommend include:

  • Medication for dry eye syndrome

    Eye lubricants and ointments are often helpful to replace the missing moisture
    Artificial tear inserts can be worn like contact lenses to help boost your natural coating of tears

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs

    Corticosteroid drops (a treatment that’s now rising in popularity)
    Antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce the level of bacteria that damage natural lipids in your tear composition

  • Prevention While Sleeping

    Sometimes dry eyes are due to sleeping with your eyes not fully closed. If this is the root of your problem, then it may be helpful to apply special tape over your eyelids, or wear plastic eye shields while you doze.

  • Surgical Procedures

    Performed as an outpatient procedure in our offices in Greater Florida, we will insert punctal plugs into your tear ducts, which block the drainage of your natural tears. This allows more moisture to remain on your eyes.

Dry eye treatments to do at Home

  • A humidifier will add moisture into your atmosphere, thereby slowing the rate that your tears evaporate
  • An air filter removes irritating dust from the air in your home
  • Wear sunglasses, preferably wraparounds, as a barrier from the harsh effects of the sun and wind
  • Over-the-counter solutions, such as artificial tears eyes drops, may help rehydrate your tear film
  • Drink extra water
  • Take fish oil supplements
  • Hot compresses help some people by stimulating natural tear production

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Our team of experienced optometrists will use many different testing procedures to check your eyes. Our North Miami Beach, office is fully equipped with the latest equipment. To determine visual acuity, you will be asked to read a standard eye chart and we will check refractive error. To diagnose or rule out any eye diseases, we will inspect your inner eye tissues with a high-powered lens. This exam also provides significant information about your overall health.

For more information about comprehensive eye examinations Call BenNissan Eyes on (305) 538-1201 in North Miami Beach, Florida to schedule an eye exam with our optometrist, Dr. Ben-Nissan.

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