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Contact Lenses Florida

We proudly serve North Miami Beach and nearby communities with high-quality contact lenses. Whether you need bifocal, toric, disposable, or specialty lenses, our team is here to meet your vision needs.

Contact Lenses at BenNissan Eyes: See Clearly, Live Comfortably

Are you seeking the most comfortable and convenient way to correct your vision? BenNissan Eyes provides a comprehensive range of contact lenses to suit various needs. From bifocal and toric contact lenses to disposable and extended wear options, we have the perfect solution for your vision requirements.

optometry doctor examing patients eyes for contact lens fitting

Our Featured

Explore the finest contact lens brands at BenNissan Eyes. We take pride in offering a selection of trusted and high-quality brands to ensure your vision is in good hands.

Best Sellers -
Brands We Carry

Discover our best-selling contact lens brands at BenNissan Eyes. We stock the brands patients love and trust for exceptional comfort and clarity.

The Basics of
Contact Lenses

Get to know the fundamentals of contact lenses. Learn about the types, care, and advantages of wearing contact lenses to achieve clear and natural vision.

Pros & Cons of Extended
Wear Contact Lenses

Are extended-wear contact lenses right for you? Explore the benefits and considerations of these lenses, designed for comfortable vision over extended periods.

Contact Lenses for
the Hard-to-Fit Patient

If you've struggled to find the perfect fit, explore our options for "hard-to-fit" patients at BenNissan Eyes. We're dedicated to finding the right lenses for every individual.

Gas-Permeable (GP)
Contact Lenses

Explore the world of gas-permeable lenses (GP) and their unique benefits. Discover why GP lenses are a popular choice for many contact lens wearers.

Toric Contact Lenses
for Astigmatism

Discover the solution for astigmatism with toric contact lenses. These lenses provide clear vision and comfort for individuals with this common vision condition.

Order Contact
Lenses Online

Convenience meets clarity. Learn how to conveniently order contact lenses online through BenNissan Eyes. We make replenishing your lenses simple.

Dailies for Patients
with Eye Allergies

Are you suffering from eye allergies? Discover how daily disposable contact lenses can help alleviate discomfort and provide relief to those with sensitive eyes.


Embrace the convenience of disposable contacts. Learn about the advantages of these lenses, which offer a fresh, hygienic option for clear vision.

Eye Exams for
Contact Lenses

Ensure your contact lenses provide optimal vision and comfort with regular eye exams at BenNissan Eyes. We tailor our comprehensive exams to meet your specific lens needs.

Bifocal and Multifocal
Contact Lenses

Experience the freedom of clear vision at any distance. Learn about bifocal and multifocal contact lenses, offering seamless sight for various activities.

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Finding Your Perfect Fit

Now that you have an overview of our contact lens offerings, explore our selection and schedule an eye exam to determine the perfect fit for you. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated staff is always ready to help. Your clear vision is our priority.